Heel Spurs

Heel Spurs | Brooklyn and Queens NY | Metropolitan Foot Care
Heel spurs are bony outgrowths that form on the heel bone (calcaneus). They are caused by repetitive strain on the heel, such as from running, jumping, or wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. At Metropolitan Foot Care, we offer highly specialized treatments to help keep patients safe from these complications. Schedule an appointment to visit our Brooklyn or Queens office for a consultation.

What are Heel Spurs?

Heel spurs are tiny bony extensions that develop on the bones of the heel. They are typically caused by repetitive strain on the feet, such as from running, jumping or standing for long periods of time. Although they can be very painful and interfere with everyday activities, heel spurs are usually non-cancerous.

Heel spurs form when calcium deposits build up around the ligaments and tendons located at the bottom of your foot. This is a reaction to strain placed on these parts of your body when you walk, run or stand for long periods. When these calcium deposits form, they create a small hook known as a spur that points inward towards your sole. The pain associated with heel spurs is usually felt in the arch region or at the back of the heel where it meets your Achilles tendon.

How Are Heel Spurs Treated?

There are various treatments available to help alleviate the pain associated with heel spurs. At Metropolitan Foot Care, we understand how uncomfortable this condition can be and strive to provide our patients with the best possible care for their foot and ankle needs.

We specialize in providing personalized treatment plans designed to accommodate each individual’s specific needs in order to achieve maximum results. Whether it is through prescribed medications, physical therapy, custom orthotics or even surgery – our experienced doctors have decades of experience dealing with all types of heel spur-related issues and will work diligently to find a solution that works for you.