The popularity of running has exploded over the past decade, with an estimated 40 million Americans lacing up their shoes and hitting the road regularly. Whether for competitive events or just to get and stay in shape, the sport boasts participants of all different ages and fitness levels. Unfortunately, many runners encounter injuries at some point, either from repetitive stress on the feet, ankles, and legs, or sprains and muscle tears.

The doctor of podiatric medicine at Metropolitan Foot Care specializes in injuries of the foot and ankle, and has successfully treated many runners, allowing them to get back to the activity they love. From recreational joggers to elite athletes, our care has promoted recovery and helped prevent the injury from recurring.

Overuse injuries that commonly occur among runners include irritation on the underside of the foot (also known as plantar fasciitis), pain in the Achilles tendon connecting the calf muscle to the heel, stress fractures (hairline cracks in the bone), and pain in the ball of the foot. Our podiatrist performs an extensive evaluation to determine the underlying cause of the pain, and how best to treat it. We may recommend some time off from your favorite sport along with a regime of ice and over-the-counter antiinflammatories. A change in footwear may be indicated, possibly along with an orthotic device or arch support to correct an imbalance. Stretching may help, as well a period of physical therapy or home exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles.

As with most injuries, the earlier you seek treatment from a foot and ankle surgeon, the sooner you’ll be comfortably back on your feet. Trying to “run through the pain” will only exacerbate the injury and complicate the length and type of treatment necessary. Our doctor of podiatric medicine at Metropolitan Foot Care understands your passion for running, and has the experience to address your condition successfully. Please contact our office today for an evaluation.